• Ohaso is a splendidly unique and fascinating district hidden away in the cold grasp of the Winter Plains. On the surface level, the district has the appearance of Asain influence with red, white, and blue finishings. Buildings cover the mountainsides, protected from the elements by two large mountain ranges. On the outside, it appears as a small humble village, but the true Ohaso lies hidden away inside the mountains themselves. 

      Away from the cold and prying eyes is a city bustling with life and technology. Highrises and sleek buildings fill the massive caves, reaching as high as the sky. Neon lights and advertisements cover the buildings, always constantly in a nightlife atmosphere. Artificial light is only created inside buildings to keep their Aphex population healthy without needing to venture outside the mountain's safety. Nadires are very common in Ohaso, as this is known as the technology epicenter of Elyxium. Human inventions like phones, consoles, the internet, and much more can all be found here, however, are not very useable outside the district's reach as many other districts do not have the same advances. Along with skyrises, this district is also known for its arcades and entertainment venues. 

      Afflictions in Ohaso
      This city attracts kinds of all sorts and boasts a large array of advances to one's body including physical enhancements, robotics, seamless mutations, and unique technological-based afflictions. Afflictions are allowed in this city, but are often viewed as a source of power, which the city absorbs to maintain its many machines. Technology in Ohaso has the unique ability to leech the essence of magic from items, some of which can drain afflictions straight from Elyixians themselves. Due to this ability, afflictions - even if powerful- are compared less to those with technology-based abilities. Those who breach laws are often punished by having their afflictions removed forcibly. 

      Ohaso boasts the largest collection of Nadires, most of which hold high positions of power within the city as they can understand and create technology at an elevated rate. Aphex and Dephx are viewed as second to Nadires as they are not as rare and resourceful, but still often work alongside the robots. Other species, and mostly those with heavy influence by afflictions, are often found in lower positions. Nadires have plenty of access to resources for repairs and upgrades in this city, and any damaged Nadire usually travels here to be repaired as new. 

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