The Crane Queen of Feisha

Name: Suela

  • The Crane Queen

    The Crane Queen is a gentle Aphex, agile and stunningly beautiful. She cares deeply about her people and the creatures that reside in her district. While still being down to earth, she is pampered relentlessly and lives in luxury due to her royal status. She is strong-willed, however, her downfall would be that she cares too much about her people and often refuses to aid other districts in need to care for her own.

    The Crane Queen has ruled over Feisha for decades, being the only remaining child of the Crane bloodline. She is in her mid 30's, standing at 5'2ft tall. Her district shuns Yellowseed and their inhabitants as their beliefs contradict her gracious and caring attitude. The Crane Queen is highly regarded by her people, creating a carefree and safe environment inside her district borders. 

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