• Unity is a large beast with two heads known as the guardian to the Tree of Equity. This massive, crystalized tree lies in the middle of the Black Eden, a large area outside the Harrow that only grows plants in shades of grey and black. This tree apparently influences life and death and keeps balance in the land. 

    Unity protects this large tree and will defend it from those looking to cause chaos by harming it. Unity is often harmless, one head representing life and purity, while the other represents death and hostility. Both heads respond to "Unity" and will often talk amongst one another when deciding on a thought. Unity reaches around 12 meters length-ways, looking almost like an insect when compared to the sheer size of the tree it guards. 

    It isn't entirely clear what powers Unity possess, but many say it can revive beings and also cause their untimely deaths. Their size can vary and wings are sometimes noted to sprout from it back.

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