The Nightingale King of Easthaven

Name: TBA

  • The Nightingale King

    The Nightingale is considered a humble and generous ruler. He cares about his people, but he also loves music just as much. His district is almost constantly filled with the sweet melody of his people. Singers, musicians and artists all join together to fill the streets with love and sound. 

  • Relations

    • Offspring

      The Nightingale Princess



  • Easthaven is located in the fallen city of Brisbane, Australia. Most architecture has been repaired though plants and trees still litter the streets. The city is filled with colors, buildings covered in bright paints, mostly oranges and pinks. Birds of all colours often perch upon the trees and buildings en mass. This is the district of art and imagination, one of the larger Aphex districts of the world. All is welcomed with open arms here, love is spread like wildfire and the air is constantly alive with music. Easthaven is a district known for its artists and musicians, a safe place for all that reside. Sickness and disease is void here. Afflictions are frowned upon but no laws prevent their use and circulation. The Nightingale King, or Night for short, is a peaceful, loved ruler. He indulges in the arts and is talented in string instruments. He cares about his Aphex deeply, and always tries to take a peaceful method when dealing with other districts or issues. Often Night roams the streets and indulges in music with his peers, further strengthening his followers respect as a ruler.