Sycokin (Nadire Subtype)

Lore and Information

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    Sycokin are Nadires who have met an unfortunate fate with a rare parasite called Sycos. Sycos are a unique parasite perfectly adapted to meld with machinery and complicated electrical devices in the core of a Nadire. They have found that a Nadire's body provides the perfect host that requires little to no upkeep, meaning more food for the parasite itself. The longer they spend with the host body, the better they learn to control the machinery and can even create upgrades for their own body. During the adapting stage, the Nadire's body will undergo key changes to better suit the parasite, some of which require agility and defense resulting in hooves and cloth over more of the body. The parasites meld with the circuitry of the Nadire, combining the instincts of a living being and the mind of an AI. In a sense, the two become one, and in some cases the parasite can access the memory database of the Nadire and may begin to act similarly to the host before transition. Syco parasites can be a substitute for a cheaper version of becoming an Oniyx, but a far more risky procedure. Some parasites may accidentally tear Nadire's delicate hardware during the transition if under stressful conditions. Syco parasites can repair the body with organic material found in a Nadire's cosmetics, allowing for its alterations. Sycokin like to be constantly warm and will build on the host's cloth by producing their own, building upon the body similar to silkworms. 

    A Syco parasite's skin is like glass and is always black. Their glowing features can be any colour. They can eat any food but mostly enjoy meat. Acclimatizing to society can be difficult but not impossible for Sycokins, by using the wisdom of the Nadire the parasite can navigate languages, customs, and cultures with appropriate care and knowledge. With the intellect of a Nadire, Sycokin can be found in high-ranking roles and in technology-based jobs. Ohaso is a hot spot for Sycokins as these roles are abundant. Oniyx and Nadires often turn their noses up at Sycokins and usually have a negative prejudice formed from the parasitic nature of the symbiotic relationship.

    In order to turn your Nadire into a Sycokin, you must use a Syco Parasite.

    Requirements of Subtype 

    Starts with +10 Agility

    -Wing materials can be converted to sleeve material. 
    - Wings are a separate trait.
    - Tail follows general Aphex rules.
    - The Parasite must be black. Glow can be any colour.
    -Anatomy as shown above.
    + Cloth can cover entire body.
    + Sycokin anatomy|Special

    Old anatomy



Soul Lore

  • Sycokin bodies contain souls from the parasite.

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