Sycokin (Nadire Subtype)

Sycokin are Nadires who have met an unfortunate fate with a rare parasite called Sycos. Sycos are special little parasites perfectly adapted to meld with machinery and complicated electrical devices. They have found that a Nadire's body is easy to take control of in search of food and shelter. The longer they spend with the host body, the better they learn to control the machinery. During the adapting stage, the Nadire's body will adjust for speed, allowing the vulnerable Syco to flee from larger beasts. Nadire's do not have any consciousness when controlled by a Syco as they are usually long dead and deactivated. Syco parasites can repair the body with organic material found in a Nadire's cosmetics, allowing for its alterations. 

Sycokin are always hungry. They don't feed on living animals, but will eat meat of dead carcasses for survival. Sycokin aren't feral, but rather intelligent. They can not form words with their mouth, but can use devices in the Nadire to talk for them. A Syco parasite's skin is like glass and is always black. Their glowing features can be any colour. 

In order to turn your Nadire into a Sycokin, you must use a Syco Parasite on them. 

Starts with +10 Agility

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When transforming your Nadire to a Sycokin sub-species, the Nadire may lose some characteristics in the process. 
During the transformation, your patterns must remain recognizable. 
Wing materials can be converted to sleeve material. 
Wings are a separate trait.

When transformed these additional traits must be added. 
Tail follows general Aphex rules.
The Parasite must be black. Glow can be any colour.
Fur can only be anywhere but the sleeves.
+ Sycokin anatomy|Special


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