Oniyx (Nadire Subtype)

Lore and Information

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    Oniyx are one of the more rare sub-types of the main inhabitants, usually only found and made in the city of Ohaso. Originally once Nadires, Oniyx are those that seek a life of mortality and experiences that can not be obtained in a robotic body. Becoming an Oniyx is an expensive procedure that only one company (Phoenix Tech) in Ohaso offers. The Nadire's faceplate is reconstructed into a new appearance, as well as the internal core inside the head, then fitted into a new body of flesh and metal. These new bodies can eat, drink, and possess all the 5 basic senses, including heightened abilities and customization upon the Nadire's request. 

    Oniyx are only made by Nadires themselves and do not convert any other being into these forms. Nadire's may also be turned into Oniyx if their bodies are beyond repair, however, this incurs a dept that the Nadire is expected to repay, which usually includes working for the company itself. 

    Requirements of Subtype 

    Starts with +5 Strength

    -Anatomy same as above
    - At least 2 horns on the head
    - Fabric as shown, excessive requires the trait (Extra Cloth Growth)
    - Face following the examples shown (Mouth Gap, Teeth, No Eyes).
    - Mirrored Hands (Two Thumbs) 



Soul Lore

  • Oniyx bodies contain souls.

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