Premium Upgrade Token

Resell Price: 200 AC

Category: Trait Upgrades

Rarity: Anomly

Compatibility: Main Species
These are upgrade tokens for your character. Burn these candles when you create your MYO or edit your existing character.  Each represents a tier of traits you can choose from to add to your MYO or premade character. 

Premium Traits:
Premium traits are traits that do not appear on the trait sheets or are hard to come by. Premium traits must be realistic features, not magical elements like afflictions. These include features like extra limbs/heads, unique tails, different eyes, altered anatomy and much more! You can not use this item to change the specie's identity. This means dramatically changing the head or key features of its anatomy.

Premiums can be used to obtain genetic mutations already found in some items and on the trait sheet if chosen to be used in this way. 
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