Bat Blood (Retired)

Resell Price: 100 AC

Category: Illnesses and Curses

Rarity: Legend


Item Name: Bat Blood: Blood of the Midnight Song
Compatibility: All Main
Affliction Item: Bat Blood
Gives the ability to turn into a bat or black cat. 
-Vulnerable to Sunlight
-Must drink blood to survive 
+Fang trait if not already obtained. 
+Glowing Eyes (If available) 
Agility: +5

-Vulnerable to Sunlight
-Must drink blood to survive 

When you apply this item, you will need to edit your masterlist to apply these features.

Needs a item to remove. 
Bat Blood is a feared yet infamous illicit item. It changes any Character into a vampiric creature. Aphex that use this item will no longer need sunlight to survive, but rather drink blood from other creatures through their hollow fangs.  Bites from Characters inflicted with this affliction do not turn their victim, only their blood has the ability to do this. These creatures can no last long in the sun and often reside in dark places. 

Uses: Afflicts a creature with vampirism



Store, Events

Purchaseable At:

Bat Blood

Resell Price: 150 AC

Category: Illnesses and Curses

Rarity: Legend


Compatibility: ALL Main species
Required: level 0+
Trait Type: 
Illness: Vampirism
Logic -3
Agility +3


Form requirements.
(Listed on Illness page)
Illness can be cured with The Cure.


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