Pocksie (E1)

Resell Price: 100

Category: Pets

Rarity: Exotic:


Species Name: Pocksie
Set: Aquatic
Rarity: Exotic
Pocksies are essentially large water lizards. They spend most of their time hanging around the bottom of lakes, filtering the water for nutrients. Due to their lazy habits, many Pocksies become too large to properly swim and will bumble around the lake bed. While being aquatic animals they can still leave the water for limited amounts of time before their legs become too tired to move. If their skin dries out they will become grumpy.

Amongst the bobbing, round Pockies lurks an interesting variation of this common pond-dwelling amphibian. A Pocksie with a shovel-nosed head, perfect for digging into the sand and in between rocks has been recorded in a few select lakes in the Gonewell district. It is much more agile and cautious than its brethren, making this pet a much more difficult catch.