Polished Moonstone

Resell Price: 80

Category: Afflictions

Rarity: Rare:


Compatibility: All Main Species
Affliction Item:
Alert Affliction Item: Polished Moonstone
Gives the user a personal pet made of any type of gem. This pet can transform back and forth into a small gem to be concealed or transported. This pet is no larger than a medium dog.

Pet Requirements:
Must be shown on the main image of the masterlist, not separate images in the gallery. Pet can not be larger than a medium dog.
Can not have any special abilities deemed as afflictions.
Can be any animal or creature.
Can only be made of one gem type and is completely made of gem.

Applies for visual affliction use when drawn.

A small polished moonstone. It's oddly warm and shines all colours in the light.