Activated Elemental Stone: Spirit

Resell Price: 80

Category: Afflictions

Rarity: Rare:


Compatibility: Any Main Species
Required: level 0+
Trait Type:
Alert Affliction Item: Activated Elemental Stone: Spirit
Allows the elemental control of spirit energy. This energy represents two key features; the ability to control ones mind and body as one and to commune with other's spirit energy (Only effective if the other user has a soul). This element aids in creating clarity and peace of mind in stressful situations for the user to undertake difficult or stressful tasks by uniting the mind and body, allowing a state of tranquility. This element also allows the user (Does not need a soul to create a link) to commune with those around them (with souls) or those who have passed. The user can also allow these spirits to manifest in an ethereal form around them for a brief time (Not physical). 
Control of the element is based on magic stat. 20+ Magic is mastering the ability. 

When the Elemental stone touches water it releases a special element trapped deep within. 

To apply this item, just submit a claim with this included and a link to the character to add it to.