Winter Elemental Diamond

Category: Other Specie Items

Item Name: Winter Elemental Diamond
Required: level 0+
Grants Oxin the ability to breathe ice and create ice shards from thin air. They also gain powerful wings that allow them to fly through even the harshest of weather. 
When adding this item to your myo/redesign, please add a trait of Elemental Diamond|Special
Along with the base Wisdom +3, Logic +1 they also get a Strength +4

Gives an Oxin the following Anatomy additions
+Large Wings (Ability of flight)
+Mineral Growth (Only gems) (Optional)
+Scales on limbs
+Hovering Gem Fragments (Optional)

A hand-sized cut gem. This gem has originated from elemental clusters, however, posses a certain clarity that is quite rare. These gems are usually found around Redwood during winter where ice elemental clusters emit a small ringing during the coldest of nights. The inhabitants of Redwood have discovered that if this stone is swallowed by an Oxin, they undergo a dramatic transformation. 

They will grow large wings and sometimes grow gem growth along their horns and legs, accompanied by hovering gems around their head. These new additions grant the Oxin powerful ice and snow abilities, dubbing them the Griffons of Winter.