Documented Elyxium Illnesses

The following illnesses are Elyxium illnesses (not directly afflictions). These usually negatively affect the character, however may provide unique powers and abilities. These illnesses have lore attached. Most of these illnesses are deemed transmittable. 


  •  Causes extreme and rapid plant growth over the body. Can alter the victim's perception of the world around them.

  • Causes extreme bodily mutations through the ventilation of rapid bursts of heat. This is mostly linked to the victim's intense emotional charges. 

  • Causes bodily mutilation and rapid evolution to aid in survival for the parasite within. 

  • Causes an inability to withstand sunlight and a constant thirst for blood.

Stoneskin Curse

  • A curse that mysteriously affects those who travel to the Gemini Fields. 


  • A life-altering affliction that causes a monstrous form when the body is encased in darkness.