The Stoneskin Curse



  • Strength +3 | Logic -3
    A unique affliction has been discovered in the recently mapped portion of the Gemini Fields. While not considered lethal, this curse has an influence on both mind and body and is still undergoing research into its origins. While victims appear mostly encased in minerals, they still possess full mobility and motor functions. In later stages, they appear to refuse to leave the island and act almost protective of its land. They become irrationally aggressive to those who wish to farm its resources or capture the fauna. It isn't exactly known why this occurs, as the victim retains all other cognitive functions, but it is theorized that perhaps there is an origin for this curse deep under the island, in one of its many geode caves. Victims themselves describe an unknown instinct to protect the fields, but can not explain where these feelings come from. Once removed from the island, these instincts seem to subside. Further research is being conducted.

    Stage 1
    This curse can only be obtained in the Gemini Fields and starts to take effect once a being has been on the island for at least 24 hours. During this time, the eyes begin to appear cracked, like glass. If the being does not have eyes then the earlier stages are much harder to notice. Once three days have passed with constant contact on the island, the victim's insides become solidified and turn hollow. The heart and sometimes other organs are preserved in the mineral. At this point, it can be noted which mineral growth the victim gains, and this remains as one type throughout the process.

    Stage 2
    At this point, the victim's body shows signs of mineral growth, which usually begins on the hands or feet. Limbs covered in the growth appear unnaturally strong and are much more resistant to damage. Wounds gained in this stage can sprout the mineral to reinforce the weakened skin. The being does not experience any mental difference at this point. 
    • Stage 3
      Stage 3 is when the user begins to feel a strong connection with the Island, and in some cases may refuse to leave unless physically restrained. The mineral continues to grow on their body, and they are generally much stronger. The mineral may form unusual shapes and patterns to adjust to the victim's coat and skin or weaponize the body for protection or combat. Limbs may be covered in mineral growth that mimics a weapon, or alterers their natural limb anatomy to some degree. During this stage and beyond, broken parts of the body may hover in place, even if their structure has been removed. If the leg has been lost, the foot can still support the body as if nothing was missing. 

      Stage 4
      This stage can vary per person, but usually, the limbs are somewhat covered in the mineral, and the mineral is also found on the chest. The insides are completely made of the mineral and cure is near impossible as the mineral has merged fully with the user's body.