Two-Faced Devils

  • General Lore

    "Werexians" are those considered infected with a rare curse originating from the deepest depths of the Rot caves. Presumably first transmitted by Rot mites, this curse has often been compared to the more common "werewolf" curse from human depictions. Upon infection, the user may experience discomfort, aggression, blindness, itching, and loss of fur. After 24 hours the curse begins to set in. Whenever the Elyxian is in an environment with no UV rays the Elyxian undergoes a transition into another form. This new form is a twisted depiction of its anatomy, where the skin acts as a veil over the face, arms, back, and over the tail. When in this form, the being often experiences severe hunger that corrupts the consciousness and can not be satisfied unless they devour meat. Many of those infected have been recorded to act on basic instinct to flee, fight or hide when confronted though it is more common for those in this form to act with aggression.


    This curse can only be transmitted through direct contact of saliva in the bloodstream, which is usually from bites or purposely crafted elixirs. 


    • Appearance

      Werexians must have the following showing visually- 
      - A veil of skin with the same colors as the base form.
      - Anatomy as pictured above

      - All or some of the traits from the base form.
      - Any colours for the skin under the veil.
      - The base form's tail or replace the tail with a veil version. 

  • Powers

    General Powers
    Ability to manipulate their veils into horns, whips, and wings. 
    Exceptional agility and strength.
    The veil can become increasingly cold or hot to match the Elyxian's temperament. This can freeze or melt objects. 

    - UV rays make the base form feel weaker
    - Triggers can cause aggression in the Werexian form