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Posted 15 August 2022, 09:21:43 UTC :: Last edited 15 August 2022, 09:21:43 UTC by Cryptickoi

Hope you all are doing well! Decided it is best to make a news post for a bunch of small updates for those who are not in the Discord group and to explain changes and upcoming additions. None of these updates are game-changing, but you may be interested in the new content added (and coming!). 


First off I would love to thank everyone for their involvement in the Artfight event! It got quite hectic near the close date, so we apologize for the lateness of approvals. Congrats to the following user for winning the AF 2022 design raffle. Your design will be uploaded shortly.

New Items

We have a bunch of new items for the store rotation, and a new item that can be purchased in the Treasury. 

Species Update

Lurkers now have updated art and anatomy, as well as two new official bases to use for your designs. You can find these bases at the bottom of the page and are only available in transparent PNG format. 

Trait Update

This is a small notice that the "Mineral Growth" item no longer supports non- gem/metal composites such as wax, bone etc. Any characters with substances that do not align with the updated trait can keep their appearance until the trait is removed or the Character is reborn. You can view in-depth trait details here

Future Updates

Now that our character relationships panel is fully functional, we will be slowly adding in the other panels. This may affect the mechanics of some prompts, however, anything with a large rework will be posted in News Updates. Small updates will still be notified in the Discord. Also look out for Random Encounter Quests, as they will begin to pop up when your forage in some areas! This will also be announced on Discord. 



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