Adopt/Affliction Changes

Posted 19 January 2023, 02:28:17 UTC :: Last edited 19 January 2023, 02:28:17 UTC by Cryptickoi

Morning everyone!
Two semi-important updates for this post.

Adoption Center
Welcome back to the adoption center! We have added an extension that allows our adopts to be purchased straight from the website with in-game currency instead of making claims. Since these are live sales (FCFS), we will try our best to keep it stocked as much as we can! Any characters in Shards can also be bought or partially paid for in USD through me (Unless stated otherwise). For now I have stocked it with designs I have held onto for awhile, but I am planning to make a larger batch of chibis soon!

Changes to Affliction Items
We are pushing a new mechanic of adding afflictions to characters. To make it easier for the user, you now can add your afflictions straight away to your desired character through the inventory menu on their Masterlist page. This will show your items in the affliction section. Stat buffs will only apply when you make artworks that require them (just mentioning the buffs if needed) since adding items does not update your stats live. More info here If you'd like to transition to this new system, make a claim! Be aware if you have items attached in the text section with stat buffs, stats will be removed from the character's main stat list upon conversion. You do not need to update to the new system to use your afflictions, and can still apply items from now on as the affliction text area is still valid for custom afflictions. This update not only makes it easier to add items whenever you'd like, but means we can update their description and attributes in real-time!



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