• Ends: This event ends in 2 weeks! (20th, 11:59pm GMT/UTC)

    Welcome all, to the Toto lore and MYO event. This event focuses on all things Toto, and grants updated lore and specific items for the species. 
    We plan to run these mini events every so often to give the community a chance to enjoy their favourite species in the Elyxium universe! 


    What are Totos?


    Totos are wandering souls given a physical form by inhabiting a unique, afflicted totem. Littered across the land of Elyxium are animal-themed totems, their origins yet known. Wandering spirits may stumble across these beacons and can use them to materialize their bodies. They can keep their spirit safe by containing their soul in the totem itself, for which they can use a fragment to create their "Toto" form, human form, or animal form. These totems specific to the Toto species have also been referred to as "Onamas". 
    Read more on Totos here

    • Toto Limited Items and Passive Bonuses

      1-icon.png Bonus AC 1-icon.png

      2x AC for Frame|Base|Shading on Toto artworks. 
      1.5x AC Written work featuring Totos as the main character 

      Example Workings=
      50AC x2 = 100 new total

      Exclusive Toto Pets

      During these 2 weeks, you can purchase and find Toto pets. Full set available. Will you find the exotic?
      Claim your first free pet with your approved MYO submission! 
      Crates can be purchased from the general store for a limited time.

      MYO Event

      New to Elyxuim? New and old members can join in and make a free Toto during these two weeks! Bases are available here
      2 Uncommon traits can be used

      Toto Exclusive Quest

      A permanent quest will soon be available for Totos only. Dive deeper into Toto lore by completing our text adventure quest and net yourself some rewards!
      Coming Soon!


Designing + MYO

      • Basic Rules

        Your MYO must be submitted through the claim submissions on the left. In the URL entry. please include a link to your MYO with a transparent background.
        We will not open up links from websites we do not recognize for the team's safety. Safe websites to use are DeviantArt, Twitter, Discord, sta.sh etc.
        You can only use 2 free Uncommon Traits for your MYO. Existing members can attach any other items. Read through the species page to ensure you understand Toto traits. New members can mention they are referred by an existing user (more info below) to gain access to a legendary trait or below for their MYO. 
        Any artist can create your MYO for you. FTO owner chests can not be claimed during these 2 weeks.
        If you are the OG artist, you can claim AC/XP on your MYO art once approved. Submit this through the prompt - general art section. 2x AC applies.

      How to Design your Toto

      Toto designs can be as complex or simple as you wish! However, there are some set elements you must consider.
      Below we have broken down the steps so they are easy to follow! Ensure you have read the Toto page for more in-depth explanations.



      Choose the animal you will be designing your Toto after! This will grant those animal traits to your Toto and will be its animal form. Ensure you are as specific as possible: etc Clown Fish not "Fish".
      Need inspiration? You can view existing Totos here.

      Elyxium Animals:
      You may now use an Elyxium species for your Toto's animal. Please reference the pet catalog for the animal's family or the Native Fauna pages in the Encylopedia. Animals/pets with no family allocated can not be picked (magical/premium pets). Main Species and humanoid species can not be used for the animal form. (Lurkers, Fiends etc).


      When creating your design, all traits from the animal you picked can be used freely. You can also use 2 UC traits on the Toto trait sheets. The chosen animal's feet can replace the Toto's generic feet if preferred.

      The material of the Toto's mask does not need to be intense, and wood, clay, etc can be painted or coloured.  Totos usually have masks representing their animal, however, creative liberties can be made. Traits still apply to the mask.

      Colour and Forms

      You can use any colours on your Toto. These colours will translate to their animal and human forms. 

      You do NOT need to submit your Toto's animal and human forms at the same time as your MYO. This can be done at a later date. 


Refer a Friend 

  • You and a friend can earn rewards when joining the website for the first time! 
    If you refer a new member (Who does not have/had any MYOS or characters) you can earn 100XP per user referred, you can also use a legend trait for your MYO (Capped at x1). This can only be claimed after their MYO is approved. Please make a claim to earn this XP.
    The new member you referred also gains a legend trait or below to use on their MYO for the event. 
    When the new member is submitting their MYO for approval, they must mention they were referred and include your username to gain rewards. 
    *only existing members before this event can refer a friend




Remember, you can only enter once for the MYO Event! This event ends in 2 weeks! (20th, 11:59pm GMT/UTC)
If your myo has errors, we will let you know. If your MYO must be edited, we will give you an extension on your design.  Unused traits are not credited.
If you have tokens/Afflictions you are free to include them on the MYO.
Duplicate accounts/or suspicious accounts may result in a strike. Please ensure you have your account verified through DA.
Any further questions can be asked on the Discord! Links on the home page and right navbar.