Haunted House Tour 2022

Closes 20th November 

  • Gothphex seems to have put together a little haunted house with the help of The Tailor and a small hoard of plushies, it’s a bit shabby and you can’t tell if the boards falling off their hinges are for effect or not but it’s in the spirit of Hallows Eve! 
    What’s the worst that could happen?

    How to enter:
    This is an interactive event!
    Your choices will change the course of this event! The event prompts will be hosted as ‘rooms’, each room will have a different spooky theme to draw your Elyxium interacting in. Rooms will be open for a set amount of days to interact with and there will be hints towards the next two rooms, left or right, it’s up to you to decide which direction you’d like to go! The majority vote on which direction will be added up at the end of the room's duration and a new room will be opened until the house is completed! 

    Don’t worry if you miss your chance at choosing a room, the house will be open for the duration of the Hallows Eve event so you can go through the opened rooms as many times as you like! This of course will not be interactive. Prompts for this event are limited to 1 entry per day!
    Completing the whole house will reward you with some surprise goodies at the end of the event and an achievement! 

    -Room 1- Closed
    You enter the Haunted House, the first room is dark and only the dim glow of candlelight offers a break from the darkness. You hear soft giggling, you aren’t sure whether it’s cute or creepy…  Suddenly something drops from the ceiling! Fake creepy crawlies on strings controlled by plush pets fall into your face! Are you scared?! They’re trying their best not to giggle as they wave them around. They look familiar, yet these pets are a fabric mimicry of their fleshy counterparts. How odd! 

    Draw your Elyxium walking through the room, are they scared by the fake creepy crawlies, are they bored and want a real scare? Or do they play along for the little plushies who are giggling down at them, they’re trying their best after all! Did you take your pet into the Haunted House, and most importantly.. Are they braver than you? Or are you brave enough to venture in alone without company? All the pets in this room look as if they’re made of plush and have the same patterns as ones already discovered... is this a curse of some kind? How much of this haunted house is truly alive...

    There’s two rooms ahead you can walk through next
    Left looks like a mirror maze filled with mirrors of all shapes and sizes just to make it more confusing but why do the mirrors look magical…? 
    Right looks like a room filled green smoke that trickles to the floor and pools round your ankles, what could be hiding in there?  Which way do you turn? 
    *Please mention the direction you’d like to go in your submission description! 
    Votes will decide the next room and prizes. Voting for the next room closes at midnight 14th October GMT (Website Clock)


    • -Room 2- Closed
      You don’t know what to expect as you choose to walk into the room filled with green smoke. It trickles down from the ceiling, cracks in the walls, holes in the floor and honestly it doesn’t even smell that bad but you still can’t really see, you can still hear those little giggles though and now you know what to expect. Or do you? “Boo!” A ghost drops in front of you with a very crudely drawn scary face on it whilst little hands grab at your ankles to try and mimic spiders crawling, you can’t see the little plushies among the smoke so you just stand there a little confused. 

      While you are distracted by the little plush pets you notice a large shadow moving in front of you. You can't quite make out what it is, but it is certainly massive. Perhaps a Xeode is planning to scare you. Should you entertain its attempt to jump you, or perhaps avoid its detection? Or do you play along for the little guys atleast? 

      Draw your Elyxium walking through the new room filled with green smoke. Eerie lighting shines through the fog, illuminating shadows around the room. Plush pets scatter unseen around your Elyxian's feet. The large shadow watches you from the corner of the room. Its humanoid, but bulkier than any Xeode you've ever seen, if it is one... Draw how your character reacts to this new room, are they scared? Or are these jump scares far too cliche? 

      There are two rooms ahead you can walk through
      is surprisingly bright for a haunted house, you can see candlelight and Jack-o-lanterns at the door. Right is a light that flickers on and off, you can hear a cage or something rattling coming from that direction, water drips through the doorway...smelling...salty? what could be inside?
      *Please mention the direction you’d like to go in your submission description! 
      Votes will decide the next room and prizes. Voting for the next room closes at midnight 28th October GMT (Website Clock)

    • --------------------------------

      • -Room 3- Closed
        You enter the final room, cold water splashes against your feet. It appears beach themed, the smell of salt assaulting your senses now. Rope hangs from the ceiling, shifting gently as if there was a soft breeze. You notice the figure from earlier, but now it is much closer, and not obscured by the thick smoke. It has seemed to have covered its form in seaweed and netting, a large, distressed pirate hat sitting upon its head. This was surely no Xeode, its face was smooth like a black mask, its body large but its hands still remained clawed, unlike Xeode paws. It pulls up a large chest, made crudely of wood, with painted gold finishings. With a nod of its head it offers it to you for completing its three rooms

        Draw your Elyxium exploring this new beach/sea themed room. The small plush pets seem busy playing in the sand mounds in the right of the room, while this strange large figure ushers you to its prize. What does your Exlian do first? How do they react to this room or the figure/pets. 

        Ensure you have completed all three rooms at least once with any owned characters to earn full rewards at the close date! 

        • --------------------------------

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            As you take the chest, the large being steps into the low overhanging light. It is unlike any species you have seen before. Its neck draped with cloth, its body large and muscular. It flashed a hidden smile on his sleek obsidian mask. "Congratulations" It said with a voice deep and almost robotic. "What interesting rooms you all have chosen. Maybe I will see you next year, or sooner". It hands you a slip of paper, it looking rather formal with metallic ink over the lettering, giving them a silver texture in the light. And with that, it stepped past you into one of the many doors, obscured once again by shadows. Odd, but this is a Haunted House after all. On your way out you pass the Plushex, Goth, the creator of the Halloween attraction. They smile and ask if you enjoyed the experience. You hold up the note and laugh. "Robots are a strange addition, but other than that it was rather spooky."
            They give you a confused look as they wave you goodbye. 

            Confused you head home, pulling out the note from your bag. 
            Written in a clean serif font read; "December 15th. Ohaso"

            Submit a claim with your three prompt submission links (approved) to claim your bonus Halloween chest.
            The window to claim will close in 2 weeks.


  • Requirements:
    At least full colour with lines. This means no sketches
    At least a bust or more
    Some form of background to fit the theme of the room, no solid colours or patterns
    Written works need to be 800 words+

    Bonus Rewards
    Aside from earning candy as per usual rewards, you can earn exclusive rewards as shown below
    Room 1 = Plushie Collar (Pet Item)
    Room 2 = Cold Wicker
    Room 3 = Mysterious Black Tooth



  • 617-image.png616-image.png615-image.png
    When you submit a prompt, you gain one candy from the artwork. These candies are randomly rolled and vary on worth and rarity. You can cash these items in for exclusive rewards.  You can locate these items in your inventory and click "Open Box" for the selected item to transform it into event currency. Some candies can be combined to earn bigger rewards! View the recipe guide below. 

    Extra Candy

    You can gain extra candy by drawing bonuses in your artwork! You can only get 1 bonus of every type per artwork. 
    Comics can not earn extra bonuses from the same catagory.

    Base Candy + 1
    Your Character with Another's Character (At least Bust) +1 Candy
    Main Species w/ Linked Companion +1 Candy
    Fullbody +1 Candy
    Detailed Scenic Background +2 Candies
    Detailed Owned Pet (No Chibis)  +1 Candy

    Written works will be judged individually for candy drops if multiple characters are used or the work exceeds the minimum word count.
    Any concerns or questions feel free to contact a mod.

    Pricing/Recipe Guide

    To craft an item, send in a claim with the items needed!
    Items below have links to view their in-game names!

    = 1012-icon.png90-image.png = 1012-icon.png + 617-image.png = 1012-icon.png = 620-image.png = 4012-icon.png

    91-image.png = 2012-icon.png92-image.png = 2012-icon.png616-image.png=2012-icon.png618-image.png = 8012-icon.png

    93-image.png = 4012-icon.png94-image.png = 4012-icon.png615-image.png = 4012-icon.png619-image.png = 16012-icon.png


    Exclusive Rewards

    This year you can purchase your rewards from the event store on the Shop page! Items will be added through the month of October, so make sure to spend your Skulls wisely! Many items will not be purchasable again until next Halloween.