Welcome to the Annual Haunted Eve Event!

Closes 15th November 

  • It's about time to celebrate all that is spooky and sweet, so I hope you will join us in many festivities to celebrate the event!

    What is the Haunted Eve Event you may ask? 
    "Haunted Eve" is a generalized name for the month of October in the world of Elyxium. Many religions and districts celebrate this month differently, however, the theme of death and magic is always prevalent. In general, Haunted Eve is a form of the old human tradition of "Halloween" with a few changes. Family and friends can partake in the month's more festive activities, while those devoted to the darker side of life may be drawn to the Eve's more macabre and magical events. Haunted Eve is both a time to explore death and magic alike, as by the end of the October month the blood moon rises, possibly unlocking one's inner afflictions...


  • How to Enter

    Entries are limited to 5 per day by the website clock. 
    Submit under the Haunted Eve prompt. 
    Hatchlings and Open Species are welcomed!
    Companions must be drawn with their linked character.
    Any characters featured need to be linked to the prompt with URL or in the character section of the prompt submission. If you have drawn another user's character, please specify in the comment section and include their username.

    Events you can draw are as followed! 
    -Trick or Treating!
    -Pumpkin Carving
    -Festive Baking
    -Candle making
    -Dressing up in costumes
    -Spooking other residents
    -Festive Decorating
    -Body Painting
    -Decorating one's house
    -Ghost/Monster Hunting
    -Using a Spooky Affliction

    Requirements for entering art are as followed. 
    -At least full color.
    -Lined (No rough sketches)
    -At least a bust or more.

    -Written works need to be 500 words or more.




  • 617-image.png616-image.png615-image.png
    When you submit a prompt, you gain one candy from the artwork. These candies are randomly rolled and vary on worth and rarity. You can cash these items in for exclusive rewards.  You can locate these items in your inventory and click "Open Box" for the selected item to transform it into event currency. Some candies can be combined to earn bigger rewards! View the recipe guide below. 

    Extra Candy

    You can gain extra candy by drawing bonuses in your artwork! You can only get 1 bonus of every type per artwork. 
    Comics can not earn extra bonuses from the same catagory.

    Base Candy + 1
    Your Character with Another's Character (At least Bust) +1 Candy
    Main Species w/ Linked Companion +1 Candy
    Fullbody +1 Candy
    Detailed Scenic Background +2 Candies
    Detailed Owned Pet (No Chibis)  +1 Candy

    Written works will be judged individually for candy drops if multiple characters are used or the work exceeds the minimum word count.
    Any concerns or questions feel free to contact a mod.

    Pricing/Recipe Guide

    To craft an item, send in a claim with the items needed!
    Items below have links to view their in-game names!

    = 1012-icon.png90-image.png = 1012-icon.png + 617-image.png = 1012-icon.png = 620-image.png = 4012-icon.png

    91-image.png = 2012-icon.png92-image.png = 2012-icon.png616-image.png=2012-icon.png618-image.png = 8012-icon.png

    93-image.png = 4012-icon.png94-image.png = 4012-icon.png615-image.png = 4012-icon.png619-image.png = 16012-icon.png


    Exclusive Rewards

    This year you can purchase your rewards from the event store on the Shop page! Items will be added through the month of October, so make sure to spend your Skulls wisely! Many items will not be purchasable again until next Halloween.