Here you can find Background Examples for Art


Minimal/Basic/Abstract Background

Flat colour or basic backgrounds with minimal details/shading. 


Simple Scenic background

Simple backgrounds are usually unfinished, rushed scenery/objects or contain little objects and/or full detail.

  |Dragon's Requiem|

|The Sky Weaver||The Swan Queen|Sunny Days

Normal Background (Scenic etc)

Backgrounds that are fully coloured and finished (not sketchy). Usually, take up the whole frame and has depth and a scenic background that is polished and is more detailed than the character's pictured.

*Backgrounds are adjustable for art styles, Character's shading and lighting elements also apply for a more complex scenery. The below artwork is not expected across all styles and is more for a basis to judge scenery. 

       FacePaint.jpg?width=711&height=592|Pearl Hunting|