Mammal | 1-2 Meter long | 1-2 Meters tall | Common | Te-Ke

  • Tiki are deer-like creatures, swift and graceful. They are renowned for their silky soft fur that is often styled by their carers. Tiki are very independent and don't need to rely on their carers most of the time. They usually grow around the size of an average deer or smaller. Their heads are made from carved wood and their eyes always appear closed though they truly do not have any. Tiki do not have any facial organs such as a nose, eyes, or mouth, but use a keen sense of magic and hearing to sense their surroundings. They are rather intelligent and are considered on par with horses and other equines.

    Tiki can not eat. They are but an observer in the circle of life. Their bodies are full of magic, and as they grow older their magic soon withers and dies, their body following after. Tiki do not have flesh but are made of soft stuffing-like innards and strong bones. They emanate a gentle whistling, such as wind moving through a wooden instrument. Tiki silk is a very expensive luxury in Elyxium, and thus these creatures are farmed in masses around Feisha. Tiki are exported as exotic pets to those willing to pay.