The Tailor

  • "These lovely bones... I will cherish them."

    The Tailor is an elusive being that has been identified in numerous locations across Elyxium. He averages around 8-10ft by most accounts. The Tailor is known as the origin of all of Elyxium's Plushex, being the seamster of their unique hearts. He carefully hand-stitches the bodies of his creations with tender love and detail to add to his collection of living dolls that will long outlive their mortal forms. The Tailor's victims are exclusively limited to Aphex, due to the being's admiration of their forms and colours. The Tailor treats his victims with affection and care, never appearing as a malicious being, but rather a devotee to his passion.

    When The Tailor obtains a victim, he encases them in a thread-like cacoon. When an Aphex is encased, it has been depicted as falling into a deep sleep, surrounded by warmth and comfort. During the process, The Tailor carefully stitches the new body for the Aphex, and eventually, transfer's their soul to the plush heart that is placed inside every Plushex. In most cases, the Plushex does not remember their past life, but it is possible to have retained most memories if the procedure has taken a substantial amount of time.

    It's not entirely known where The Tailor originated from, but many stories tell of an Aphex that lost its lover to the inevitable divide of time. Unable to cope with their passing the Aphex crafted a doll in their lover's image, every stitch sewn with sorrow. To the Aphex's amazement, the doll came to life but in its crudely made state fell apart almost immediately. Once again plunged into sadness, the Aphex focused his passion towards refining his craftmanship so that he may replicate his lover once more, in a faultless form that could never die or tarnish.

    Symbolism: Life, Death, Immortality, Cloth, Thread, Peace, Creation

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