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    Skyfarers is the collective name for those who worship the Skyweaver as a powerful deity and often shun the Beaked Devil as her negative counterpart. It is a common belief that the Skyweaver originated from Alure, the afterlife. Graced with powers that are not all entirely understood, the Weaver has been known to control the world's weather and elements. She is viewed as a peaceful god but can be harsh as such is nature's design. There can only be days of sunshine if there is rain before. 
    It is rare to encounter the Skyweaver, but not impossible. She is known to live around Feisha where this religion is most pronounced. 

    This religion primarily focuses on the Skyweaver being a positive powerful deity, while the beaked devil is only known as the creator of discord and tragedy. 

    A very well-known event that originates from Skyfarers is Skyre, a celebration to pay one's respects to the Weaver and new beginnings. 
    Those in the religion that have wings sustainable of flight or that can fly have been known to leave a trail of gold glitter amongst the sky, as it is believed the Weaver will follow this trail and bring fertility and water to the lands. 


Traditional Outfits

  • skyfarer.png 
    (Outfit pictured can be altered for other species and artistic liberties can be made. Colours can vary but traditional outfits are white, gold and red. )

    The above outfit is one of many variations those of the Skyfarers wear. It is designed to be able to be worn by those with wings and is intended to represent the Weavers ever-changing form. When wearing this outfit, it is common to paint one's self with matching colours.