The Progenitor

  • The Beginning
    So as the title describes, this is the very first finalized Aphex ever created. He was the first prime example of what human science could create. With the creation of the perfect specimen came others, some created from his exact DNA and others created anew with his image in mind. Being the very first Aphex, scientists strived to teach him as much as they can, testing the limits of his mental capabilities. The Progen happily complied, seeming energetic and enthusiastic at first but soon appeared to almost become vain with the attention cast directly on him, and him alone. As they conducted tests, he passed with flying colours and was soon ready to appear into the spotlight of the world. It was a heavy responsibility to represent a new, intelligent species, but they believed he was ready.

    As time crept on this first Aphex became the figurehead of the new species, and humans became quite fond of him once news spread. Many of course were outraged by this blatant use of genetic tampering, however, they were silenced by this groundbreaking milestone for the scientific community. The Progen introduced himself with such charm and etiquette that he had the world at his knees. Each of the world's leading governments was thrilled to invest in such a promising asset and common man was fascinated by a creature whose mind contested their own. Not long after Aphex were already being initiated into camps for training, and many to complete menial labor alongside humans, to test their social capabilities and how well they can co-exist. Not long after their release did man and Aphex view each other as equals, a symbiotic relationship almost.

    The End
    As the Aphex population slowly grew, a devastating unknown disease began to eliminate the human race with no cure in sight, yet the Aphex species remained untouched. Aphex began to desperately try to save man, with The Progen assuring all will be fine, to not panic. But everyone did, The Progen included. He held his head held strong and tried his hardest to cease the unrest, but it was simple. Man was dying out and there was nothing he or Aphex could do to stop it.

    This epidemic traumatized the Aphex that were living so peacefully with humans. They couldn't accept that humans, the very species that gave handed them existence and guided them with their knowledge, were gone. Aphex was outraged, filled with strong emotions they had little handle on experiencing. The Progen tired once more to cease the chaos, to explain in blatant terms that such a new species, with no experience with viruses or sickness, could accidentally transmit the epidemic that killed mankind. Aphex did not accept such an answer but were so sought to find a reason that their gazes rested on the only figure left to pick up the pieces, The Progenitor.

    The Progenitor, the one that handled and taught all his fellow beings the language of humans through sign-language, who taught human culture to all the uneducated, copped the blame. They swore that he had become enraged, sick with envy that he was no longer the only of his kind, that he was no longer special and unique. Behind gentle eyes was a vain, bloodthirsty, attention-crazed monster. That's what they said. Aphex proclaimed that he must have devised a way to punishment man-kind and Aphex alike for his disappearance from the limelight. They swore this, and even without a single shred of evidence sought to make him pay for his crime. They conjured stories of how he dappled in the forbidden dark magic and created this plague to destroy man-kind and its fragile balance. 

    They hunted him down, and instead of killing him, they locked him far beneath the earth so he may never see the light of day again. Being unable to bathe in the rays of the sun for too long is utter torture for an Aphex, and The Progenitor suffered horribly before his death. Wrongfully accused of his crimes he swore that he will, in turn, make the Aphex that locked him away, and their kin pay for their wrongdoings and their ignorance. He passes with such strong hatred and resentment that his very soul refused to leave this plane of existence. He gained his powers now from the darkness and became immortalized. To the present day he is the one assumed to leave afflictions for Aphex to find and curses new births with strange, sometimes horrific powers. He sometimes appears to some, wishing for them to aid him in his aim to seek revenge, however now that he is apart of the darkness he can only influence the living through afflictions from his own world. 

  • Relations