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  • Due to the high demand for this feature and planned updates to its core mechanics currently in the works, we are no longer accepting pet claims depicted on this page. Only breeding claims for pets will be processed! Changes have been made to other pet-related prompts to work around this feature until our update comes out. We apologize for any inconvenice. 



Linking Your Pet

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    You can now link your pet to your character (Main Species or Open)!
    To do this, please submit a Claim with your pet attached as an item. Fill out the below info. Multiples are allowed per claim.
    Many perks are unlocked when your pets are attached to a character, and info can be recorded to show off your achievements! 
    Your character can have up to 15 pets at a time (more info coming) without upgrades. 
    Ensure to remove or transfer any wanted pets through a claim before trading a character!

    Use this form for each pet added
    Type of Pet: Etc (Clofty U4)
    Name Of Pet:
    Owned By: (The character this pet is going to be owned by. Url format)
    Temperament: (Attach Temperament Influencer item to pick a temperament, default is random)
    Pet Card: (Leave blank for default, attach item for alt card)


    Temperament List: 
    1: Modest, 2: Loyal, 3: Courageous, 4: Smart, 5: Stubborn, 6: Dependable, 7: Easygoing, 8: Social, 9: Curious, 10: Playful, 11: Talkative, 12: Loving, 13: Devoted, 14: Charming, 15: Aloof, 16: Confident, 17: Active, 18: Gentle, 19: Graceful, 20: Fiesty, 21: Bossy, 22: Affectionate, 23: Shy, 24: Serious, 25: Sweet, 26: Lazy, 27: Sleepy, 28: Stylish, 29: Docile, 30: Careful, 31: Naive, 32: Sassy, 33: Quiet.
    Temperaments are the personality of your pet. This is randomly assigned to give your pet more life in the game and to inspire ideas and dynamics with your characters. You can choose your own personality by purchasing the Temperament Influencer item from the pet store

    When drawing your pet, you are free to customize them to truly make them unique! This includes; any accessories, slight variation in markings, scars, eye colour, missing limbs etc. Afflictions and complete colour changes will be through items or other rarities of the pet!



    • Your pet can earn buffs once it has completed set requirements. 

      Your pet earns a gold gem once they have completed the self-discovery quest "Homebound". 
      Your pet earns a purple gem (max of 2) for every separate drawing they are included in (Must be full detail, full body for the pet). Make a claim once your artwork has been approved with links to ensure your gems are credited. Attached all previous approved artwork if you already have gems.
      One Purple gem allows your pet to enter Fetch Quests (Coming Soon!)
      Two Purple gems allow breeding. Only two pets of the same species can breed. Basic 1-month cooldown earns an egg of the species. Make a claim to breed your pets.
      Gold Gem turns the breeding cooldown to two weeks. 
      Two Purple, One Gold 1.5x increase to pet AC/XP gain. 

      Please mention your pets and if they gain a gem during an art submission so the badges are not missed by a mod!



    • Once your pets have unlocked breeding you can submit a claim to breed them. Fill out this form
      You will receive an egg or crate for the species

      Parent A: Etc (Clofty U4) Name if more than one
      Parent B: Etc (Clofty U4) Name if more than one
      Owned By: (The character/s this pet is owned by. Url format. You must own both)

      Pets from special sets such as Shibow, Bunkin etc have a 3 month cooldown. This can not be reduced. 

      Breeding with Non-Owned Character's Pets
      Coming soon!