Extra/Expanded Lore

  • This page is for extra lore for Elyxium that you can reference in your character's stories, roleplays, and the world. This is considered canon, however, you are free to leave out any aspects for your own personal stories.


Piper's Expedition Notes

  • Here you can view all of Piper's notes. 

  • Chapter 1: Fauna

    Chapter 2: The Rot
    Red Roots


Elyxium Runes

  • These runes are considered an Elyxian adaptation from the human alphabet and are used as so. English is still very much known, however, some Elyxians have a runic symbol as an alternative to their normal written name. This is considered almost like a signature and is relatively unique to each being. These symbols can contain partial runic symbols, other shapes, and even meaningful objects. 


Soul Lore

  • Souls often go through each phase thousands of times, the further down the line the fewer lives they experience. Souls typically move up through the "ladder" or down depending on the amount of knowledge and time spent in the previous form. Ethren forms are only experienced once.