• Kihra is an ancient being that has wandered the cosmos for millenniums. 
    When he was first created, he had the counterpart of his darkness born alongside him, Azriah. These two beings explored the new vast universe together, watching stars live and die and galaxies grow and wither. These two beings fell in love with each other and the infinite universe around them.

    Time passed by, the two finally separated by a black-hole, taking Azriah away from Kihra. Furious, he spent millions of years trying to find her, leaving a destructive path in his wake. 

    It wasn't until he stumbled across earth that he could finally feel her light. Maddened by loneliness and furry, he blocked out their sun as punishment for hiding his Azriah. Aphex and those alike worked together in collecting the Tears of the Sun and delivered them to the top of Mt Ever Rest, the highest point on Elyxium, when they could finally amass enough energy to reveal the sun once more.

    Azriah had been at rest all along, having fused with the sun to keep the star alive for so many millenniums. She offered for Kihra to join her and become her moon, which Kihra accepted, no longer wanting to be alone, but now he had more than just a partner, he had people who will forgive him and take him in as their own. 

    Kihra and Azriah are now both fused to their respective sun and moon. Azriah keeps the land bathed in light and warmth, keeping Aphex and plants happy and healthy while Kihra blankets Elyxium in a cool embrace, giving rest and peace. Together these two beings still dance in the sky, and many say when a solar eclipse appears, this is the two becoming one for a short amount of time.

    ​First appeared in the Eternal Night event.

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