• Lore

    Oxin are shy but large creatures usually found in snow or cold regions. Wild Oxin are incredibly rare most of the year due to their hibernation cycle, and only appear around November and December. Despite their size, Oxin are rather gentle, and treat other creatures with respect. Wild Oxin love to snack on berries and roots they find. Oxin are well suited for any terrain, and can dig exceptionally well, making them perfect companions for geologists and treasure hunters. Not only can Oxin dig exceptionally well, but they also have a strong sense of smell and can locate roots up to 5 meters underground. 

    Despite their size and temperate of that like a horse or elephant, Oxin have the same playful nature of a parrot. They love colours, bells, mirrors, puzzles and all sorts of toys. These creatures however are not suited for battle and are a prime partner for peaceful treasure hunters or creature collectors. 

    Traits and Anatomy

    Oxin come in a huge variety of colors. They are very furry, however their birdlike limbs do not seem to grow any fur. 
    They always sport two horns or antlers: one on each side of their head. Their eyes are completely hidden by their thick, warm fur. Their beaks can vary greatly in style.
    The following may be added to any Oxin: glowing markings, short or long-tail (Furry or mixed), different style beak, extra horns, feathers. 
    Oxin should not possess anything magical including hovering symbols, or unnatural traits like no-fur on the main body, drastically altered anatomy, etc. 

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    Oxin ChicklingOxin Ginger Snacks


    When paired using a Moonflower, Oxin grant their owner the following stats: 
    Wisdom +3, Logic +1. 

    When fed with Oxin Ginger Snacks, they gain +1 Logic (per snack), which is also granted to their paired Elyxian. 

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