Plushie Arm

Resell Price: 50 AC

Category: Afflictions

Rarity: Rare


Compatibility: All Main +Companions +Licensed Species
Type Type: 
Tame Affliction Item: Plushie Arm

Allows the character to be made of plush and stuffing.

This item allows the character's skin/features to be made of fabric, and the organs/insides to be replaced with stuffing, bones remain(Optional). The anatomy must remain the same as the base species (Paws/chibi anatomy can not be used). Buttons can be added with the horn trait, eyes must keep normal anatomy if they have eyes. Plush features can be used only on traits or on the whole body. Stitches can be used for fabric areas, Zippers need to be a tame affliction or item to be added.

To use this item, edit/redraw the image of your character and submit it as a redesign with this item attached.

A soft arm, it seems from a doll...but why is there a bone inside?

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