Crycal Worm

Resell Price: 50 AC

Category: Afflictions

Rarity: Uncommon


Compatibility: All Main +Companions +Licensed Species
Type Type: 
Tame Affliction: Crycal Worm

Allows the user's tail/s to end in a unique mouth.

This item is applied to the tail of the user (In special cases like Shingalings, the tail remains of its material). This mouth can be any style, adding eyes must be from a trait. This mouth can be larger than the user's head, but shouldn't be larger than 50% of the body. If the user has multiple tails then this item can be used on the additional tails as well. It is user preference if the tail is controlled or has a mind of its own.

To use this item, edit/redraw the image of your character and submit it as a redesign with this item attached.

A strange worm-looking creature. Many say a bite from this can cause strange side effects.

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