Araboba (E1)

Resell Price: 100 AC

Category: Pets

Rarity: Exotic


Species Name: Araboba
Set: Insect
Rarity: Exotic
These small, round creatures can be found in silk dens along the northern areas of Easthaven, in dense rainforested areas. Most commonly known for their unique abdomens, they have adopted the nickname "Honey Pot Spiders", or "Tea Spiders". Being relatively harmless, they are a popular pet among arachnid and insect lovers alike. Their abdomens are filled with a transparent/milky substance, and their eggs can be seen inside. These insects procreate through parthenogenesis, meaning every Araboba can contain eggs in its abdomen. 

This particular rare specimen of the Araboba species can often be found with brown abdomens, sometimes containing small flowers or herbs alongside the Ara's eggs. They give off a uniquely sweet herbal scent, making their dens easier to track down. Their abdomens while appearing spiked are still as squishy and fragile as their more common counterpart's. 

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